How difficult is it to learn the French language?

How difficult is it to learn the French language?

More than 220 million people across five continents speak the French language. However, there are still many individuals who may be hesitant to learn it. That’s because they may feel it is too difficult to learn it. But before you give up though, think about this. Learning French will be awesome for numerous reasons. After all, the French language is the bridge which connects to fashion, dancing, cooking, art, film and many others. At the same time, French is also viewed as one of the most romantic languages in the world.

Those who want to learn French generally fear it due to how it is pronounced. The French language is renowned for being slippery when it comes to its pronunciation. Still, when you speak to those who have already learned it, they tell you otherwise. One of the best things to take to heart if you want to learn French and already speak English, is the commonality between them. Both languages share many words contained in the vocabulary. Plus, the French and English language both share an alphabet that is common. When compared side by side, English has lexically parallels with French more than any other language in the world.

Another factor to consider for English speakers willing to learn French is the simplicity behind both languages. Countless words in English are harder to pronounce than those in French. Take homographs, homophones and homonyms for example. These are rules that confuse even the most fluent English writers and speakers. Another reason why learning French shouldn’t scare you is due to the gender words. While some may think they are confusing at first, it’s not the case. This happens to people who speak English since the gender rules seem pointless to them. However, in the French language, gender plays a pivotal and important role in verbs, pronouns and the ending of many adjectives.

If you are still wondering about how difficult it may to learn French, go by the Foreign Service Institute guidelines. The FSI has a chart showing how many hours or weeks it may take to learn it. French requires about 24 weeks or 600 class hours to learn. Compared to many other languages around the world, that it’s far less. And they also have a rating of easy on it as far as the difficulty is concerned. So get ready to say ‘Oui’ to learning French today!

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