Outside Paris, What are some cities to visit in France

Outside Paris, What are some cities to visit in France

The majority of people that visit France, mostly go to Paris to sightsee. However, there are a whole bunch of other places located outside of Paris. These spots are awesome and should definitely be checked out by anyone who visits France.

Lille – Located close to the Belgian border, this beautiful city will instantly captivate you. Lille is in the northern part of France. The Grande Braderie de Lille is one of the events the city is famous for. That takes place during the month of September for two days. 

Nice – Travelers who visit the Cote d’Azur Nice city will not be disappointed. The weather is almost perfect the entire year. Since it is close to the Mediterranean, finding tasty seafood is easy.

Bordeaux – Wine lovers visit this city because they call it the capital of wine. Anyone who wants to have a memorable wine-tasting experience needs to go to Bordeaux.

Cannes – Most people have heard of the famous Cannes film festival. The annual event takes place in this illustrious and enchanting city. Loved and known for its glamour and luxury, Cannes will leave you breathless once you see it.

Strasbourg – There are endless things to do in this beautiful city. Providing one of the most amazing views of the city is the cathedral. The city is located very close to the German border.

Marseille – The history of this stunning city includes culture that is rich and epic. It may explain why so many history and art buffs flock to Marseille each year.

Toulouse – The Toulouse city has many squares where students and others flock to all the time. The Ville Rose which translates to ‘the Pink City’, is famous for several things, including its gorgeous squares.

Biarritz – Surfers all over Europe love this chic coastal town. Located southwest of France, Biarritz was once a favorite vacation spot for Empress Eugenie and Napoleon III.

Saint-Malo – Originally built on a rocky island, this fortress city is renowned for its delicacies. Saint-Malo is located in Brittany, and people who love crusty cakes go there for them. The same for tasty crepes and other tasty treats.

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